1971 veteran forces’ members will get allowance: PM

Asianbarta : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today announced that the government would provide allowance from January next to the members of different forces who took part in the Liberation War. “We’ve taken a decision to give allowance from January 2018 to those who fought for the country’s independence from different forces including the armed forces, Police, Ansar-VDP and Border Guard ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia and Iran: Will they go to war?

Asianbarta : Iran and Saudi Arabia have long been regional rivals, but tensions between the two have recently soared. Each has its own powerful allies, and enemies, in the region. Here is where the key players stand: Saudi Arabia The Sunni-dominated kingdom is home to the birthplace of Islam and contains the most important sites in the Islamic world. It is one ... Read More »

Trump Xi: Property man meets career communist

Donald Trump is the kind of person who occasionally gets locked up in Xi Jinping’s China. A boastful billionaire, someone who thinks he is bigger than the Party, bigger than the national project. Such a colossus can disappear to no known location for a period of quiet reflection with the help of the Communist Party’s discipline enforcers, later to reappear ... Read More »

Police take Farhad Mazhar to court after rescue

asianbarta: Mazhar was transported to court in Old Dhaka where a magistrate would record his statement, police said, hours after he was taken into detectives’ custody for questioning. In a dramatic rescue effort, law-enforcement agencies brought him back to Dhaka on Tuesday from the southwestern district of Jessore, sparking speculations over the reported abduction. “Farhad Mazhar told us that some ... Read More »

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