Money laundering: AB Bank ex-chairman M Wahidul Haque at ACC

Asianbarta : The Anti-Corruption Commission started interrogating former chairman of AB Bank M Wahidul Haque this morning over “laundering Tk 165 crore” to UAE. The interrogation started at ACC headquarters around 9:00am, commission’s Press Relations Officer Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya told The Daily Star. Wahidul Haque, along with AB Bank’s vice chairman and a director, resigned from the bank’s board of ... Read More »

The miraculous journey of a sheep herder

Asianbarta : Md Furkan Ali sits content on the bank of a field nearby, watching his 118-strong herd of sheep grazing idly on grass in the pastures. Born to a poor family in the remote Tanguar Haor area of Sunamganj, going to school was a luxury far out of reach for him. He spent his early years next to his ... Read More »

Sophia coming to visit Dhaka

Asianbarta : Sophia, a lifelike robot, which has generated quite a buzz among the youth and the artificial intelligence industry around the world, is coming to Bangladesh to make an appearance at the Digital World Exposition on December 6. The humanoid robot was created using state of the art innovations in artificial intelligence.It will attend two sessions of the biggest ... Read More »

Atiur Rahman is the architect of financial inclusion of Bangladesh

Staff Reporter : As recently as April 2009, there were no words like ‘financial inclusion’ in the Bangladesh Bank’s lexicon. But the term found its pride of place once Atiur Rahman took charge of the central bank as its governor in May 2009. At the onset, Rahman made a broad commitment to inclusive, equitable and environmentally sustainable socioeconomic growth, one ... Read More »

Croc of gold: Kenya’s booming crocodile farm industry

Asianbarta : If you are working in an enclosure full of crocodiles, don’t turn your back on them to answer your mobile phone. Sadly that is what one member of staff did in May at Collins Mueke’s crocodile farm in eastern Kenya. “He was talking on his phone not aware of his surroundings,” says Mr Mueke, 62. “He died while ... Read More »

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