The date-crushing peak season in Baneshwar

Md. Mehedi Hasan, Puthia (Rajshahi) correspondent: From the beginning of the winter, the trees of different villages of Puthia upazila of Rajshahi are now busy  collecting the juice from date palms. Work has already been completed in different villages. Gurn and Patali started to grow in the market. Paddy molasses in the area are found to be very good in advance due to the price of molasses and patalis. A large number of date palms in Baneshwar, Belpukur, Bhalukachhi and Jhalmaliya of the upazila are remarkable. In each of these areas, on the aisle of land, on the road side, fallow trees are found in fallow palm trees. Currently, there are many commercial establishments in these areas. There is a wonderful communication of date-palms with winter. Increasing the increase of winter increases the sweetness of the juice. At that time, the glory of tradition and traditions started from the honey-tree to the sweet-hearted juice, and the whole of the house started in the house, the smoke of pita, paise and mug jaggery. The powdered molasses made of date palm, molasses, molasses and granules, and sweet smell of patti molasses become so-called. There is no pair of dates like potato juice, roasted potatoes, and many delicious dishes.

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